Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Boy, we got that wrong

It has been a big week for me, with lots of home and work changes. On the work side, Roger and I have decided that the way we structured SharedPlan's revised product offering is just not right and is leading to confusion among our current and prospective customers. What's a little humorous is not that we got a certain aspect of the marketing 4Ps wrong (product definition, pricing, promotion, and placement), but that we got a little bit of everything wrong.

We came to this conclusion by examining direct (e.g. sales revenue and trends) and indirect indicators (e.g. how people move through the website and where they exit, and the kinds of support questions we received). I'm not sure we got any aspect of these revisions completely right.

Luckily, we haven't publicly announced these changes yet. We have only announced them to our newsletter readership. I will have to publish an embarrassing follow-up email to them to explain how we're going to fix it. The fixes will be in place this week, but I'm not sure when I'll send an email to our readers.

It's always humbling to recognize that, no matter how much you think you know about something (like technology marketing, in my case), it's no guarantee that you'll do things right everytime. But you hope you get close ...

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