Thursday, September 28, 2006

A cool, new Boulder startup: DragonFly Innovation

My friends, Scott and Susan Dalgleish, have started a new company, DragonFly Innovation, that has a unique goal, to teach kids creativity. Not art, but creativity, through the use of craft kits. I think that's really cool, because creative thought is such a unique and valuable skill (that I have always wished I was better at).

They have recently started gaining recognition, having been nominated for a Boulder County Business Report IQ Award, and having been written about in the same publication.

They have chosen to sell their kits through multilevel marketing, i.e. home parties. That's probably a good choice, given the nature of the product and the target audience. (I have some related thoughts on MLM, which I'll address on a later post.) I'm excited to watch their progress.

I wonder if there are kits that could be used to teach adults creativity?
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