Saturday, January 06, 2007

SharedPlan had an enormous 2006

I have been playing with SharedPlan's new Issue Tracker, a new web-based issue tracking and reporting capability within TeamServices. It's a terrifically flexible, useful tool, even if the issues are not associated with any particular project.

As I was using Issue Tracker, it occurred to me what a huge 2006 SharedPlan had. While the company did not meet all of its business goals, it certainly exceeded all product development targets. Roger compiled a list of the accomplishments on his blog. When one considers that list in light of the very small number of available resources, it's truly remarkable.

Roger also requested suggestions for what users would like to see in 2007. I think those suggestions will be bounced against some of the recurring items that pop up in the support forum to help define the future direction. I'll be interested to see what makes the list.

Hats off to the SharedPlan team for a great 2006, and I'm looking forward to an equally creative 2007.
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