Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another terrific Martini Group

We got together for another Entrepreneurs Martini Group a couple of nights ago at Laudisio, and it was terrific because it reminded me what I love about these people. I haven't spoken to many of them since our last gathering sometime in the fall, but they started three completely new companies started in that time!

I don't know how much I can say about any of these companies, so I'll refrain from saying anything. (You'll have to come to the next one to learn about them.) But I am continually amazed by the group's creative energy and willingness to take on absurd levels of risk to create something really cool. I love the entrepreneurial culture of Boulder.

(And wow, the new Laudisio is so dramatically different from the old one in North Boulder. I love the new one. The bar area was comfortable and perfect for our group. Gina and I had dinner there after the group disbanded, and the food was as terrific as it has always been. But the atmosphere is completely different. The old Laudisio was charming and intimate, where the new one is big, bustling, modern, and urban. Not bad, just way different.)
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