Thursday, February 01, 2007

How do they treat cabin fever in Minnesota?

The consensus in Boulder seems to be that we've all had enough of this winter weather. Enough already. Seriously. It's not funny anymore.

My wife and I met in graduate business school in New England, and moved to Boston when we graduated in 1993 (still dating at the time). We lived downtown in a couple of very fun neighborhoods, surrounded by many of our fellow alumni and having a terrific time.

Then came the winter of over 100 inches of snow. Cold every day, with the snow never melting, and the sun never shining. Mounds of plowed snow, brown, smelly, probably hiding dead animals, and eating up precious parking spaces. It sucked.

Gina and I decided it was time to move. I grew up in Colorado, and knew that Colorado was a much more tolerable winter state than Massachusetts (or Chicago, where her family lives). What makes Colorado winters so livable is the regular sunshine (Colorado gets over 300 days of it a year) and warm days throughout the winter. Sure, we'll get a big snow, but two days later it's gone and we're riding our bikes. Colorado was the place for us, and we moved to Boulder in 1995, and we love it here.

But not this winter. This is that same Boston winter that we left. It has been cold and snowy since December 20, with only a couple days of sunshine and no sight of even 50 degrees. I have shoveled our driveway and walk at least 10 times so far this winter (we're not even halfway through it!), and I probably only do that 6 times any other year. My four-year-old son told me at dinner this evening that he needs a Bahamavention. It's really bad.

So, my question is, how do they do it in Minnesota? This must be what their winter is like every year. What do they do to avoid insanity? You can't tell me that hockey is the answer. Or the Mall of America. Or ice fishing. What else is there?

I don't get it, but I need some answers fast or I'll need a Bahamavention too.
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