Thursday, October 19, 2006

Desperately seeking salesperson (Susan?)

SharedPlan is on the verge of something big. After years of product development, and the introduction of some building-block products, we are now introducing the products that begin to deliver on the vision of the founder, Roger Denton.

Our initial products, SharedPlan Personal and Professional, were mostly sold to individuals, with a small percentage of sales being multilicense transactions. However, the new offering, ProPlanning, is an complete solution for midsize and larger businesses. We now need to change our selling strategy to address that market segment, so we have been putting feelers our for a salesperson to help us do so.

I recently forwarded the following email to some local groups I know:

SharedPlan Software (; is a startup software company looking to accelerate our sales growth. We currently have over a thousand license holders, all of whom were captured using online marketing techniques and transactions with no salesperson involvement. We are now seeking to hire an experienced software salesperson.

Past sales came from products that we view as 'foundational' products; they were created as a means to get to where we are now, but not as final end products. We have just launched the new products that will now begin delivering on the company’s vision. We are now poised for significant growth and we are looking for an experienced enterprise software salesperson to drive that growth.

This position will initially be compensated with company equity only. SharedPlan is completely bootstrap-funded, with initial revenue but limited cash. We have four current contributors, one of which is full-time while the others have 'day jobs.'

The initial engagement would be part-time, working out of the candidate's home or from SharedPlan's world headquarters (the founder's basement offices), with flexible working hours. This is an ideal position for someone working in another position that wants a low-risk way to 'test-drive' a startup, or a stay-at-home mom looking for a way to re-enter the workforce.

If you'd like to learn more, please contact me directly.
If you know of someone in the Boulder area that fits this description, please point them my way.
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