Friday, October 27, 2006

How to use SharedPlan software tools

Based on the emails and phone calls that we receive from prospective SharedPlan customers, our product offerings can sometimes be confusing. We have put a lot of energy into addressing this problem in various ways:
  • We completely reworked our website in late August and early September, making it cleaner, simpler, and with a more logical flow. Based on various indicators, we believe the new design is working better. For instance, Google Analytics (see Roger's post on Analytics) are telling us that: our pageviews per visit have increased from about 3 in August to over 4.5 in October; and in August 50% of visitors stayed less than 10 seconds and 30% more than a minute; in October, 45% stayed less than 10 seconds and 33% more than a minute. In other words, visitors spending more time and seeing more of the site than before. Hopefully, this translates into better understanding of our products.
  • We created a special web page with brief usage examples. This page seems to work pretty well, because 87% of those that visit the page move further into the site.
We're not really finished with the process. I'm current writing a white paper which will go into much more detail about different project management environments in our target markets and how SharedPlan tools fit into that environment to improve project performance.

This is a continuing effort and if you have any constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it.
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