Thursday, October 05, 2006

Entrepreneurs drinking martinis

Last winter, Jeff Bisberg (a very smart guy, cofounder of Albeo Technologies, and a former coworker of mine at Picolight) and I started getting together for the occasional beer or martini to discuss our respective entrepreneurial activities and challenges. We were occasionally joined by SharedPlan's founder, Roger Denton, and we very much enjoyed the free-flowing conversation, ideas, and of course, cocktails.

At some point, Jeff suggested that we start inviting a broader set of people involved in, or at least interested in, entrepreneurship in Boulder. We did so, and 'officially' formed the Entrepreneur's Martini Group. (Someday, in a future post, I'll describe my fondness for the classic martini.) The group has now grown to an invitation list of about 25, and we typically get 12-18 at any event. We meet every 6-8 weeks at a local watering hole.

I enjoy these meetings immensely, because I get very jazzed by the creative energy of these people. Some that have attended in the past include:
  • Pete Rast, founder of Stratasearch, a stock technical analysis software tool
  • Pawel Osiczko and John Horne, who together are a fountain of business ideas and are bound to eventually find the one that works for them
  • Scott Dalgleish, who, along with his wife Susan (who should also attend in the future), founded Dragonfly Innovations
  • Steve Cox, formerly engineering director of Crosswalk but who is now starting something involved with multiprocessor ICs
  • Andrew Funk, who started C-Port, an IC company that was acquired by Motorola, a few years ago and is currently looking for the next opportunity
  • John Ives, founder of a market prediction company (I'm not sure how public he is about the company, yet)
Lots of fascinating conversation, and always good drinks. I feel humbled to be around such smart, fun people, and lucky to live in a place that fosters such entrepreneurial spirit.

If you would like to join us at our next outing, feel free to comment below.
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